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Spreading the light of Ayurveda through Janaki Madhavam

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine.It had attracted the attention of medical men not only in India but also our neighbouring countries such as Arabia, Persia, Tibet and Germany. Ayurveda is broadly classified into 8 branches.   Kayachikitsa: Inner medicine or a treatment for diseases arising from digestive activity.   Bala chikitsa: Paediatric care dealing with diseases affecting infant n children.   Graha chikitsa : Treating the diseases arising from possession by evil spirits, pathogenic micro oraganisms etc. It deals with mental health and illness i. e psychiatry.   Urdhwanga chikitsa : deals with treatment of head including eyes(opthamology),ears (otology),nose(rhinology),throat (laryngology) and teeth (dentistry).

  Shayla chikitsa : treatment which requires the use of knife i. e Shastra chikitsa (surgery).   Damstra chikitsa : treatment of diseases due to poison (toxicology)   Jara chikitsa : also called as rasayana chikitsa which deals with treatment of diseases of old age. i. e gerientology or geriatrics..   Vrisha chikitsa : treatment for impotence, sterility etc. And making man sexually strong by the use of aphrodisiacs.


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Dadima the wonder fruit in Ayurveda

Dadima generally known as pomegranate is one of the best immunity booster . The latin name of this wonder fruit is Punica granatum and belongs to the

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Few tips to reduce uric acid levels

Early morning grass walk without slippers, Including more of lite colored veggies ( Bitter guard, Bottle guard, Turnip , Raw papaya etc), Drinking

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Home remedies to reduce Hyperlipedemia

Gooseberries (2)+Pepper (4)+Curry leaves with stem(2) -----mix all together and blend it to make a bolus which is almost the size and shape of a goo

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Puffed rice generally known as Laja in Sanskrit or Malar in Malayalam is very lite food and helps to improve the digestion.There are many medicinal pr

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Lord Brahman, recalling to his mind the science of life (Ayurveda), taught it to Daksha

When diseases began to trouble the human beings, the great sages of the world assembled in the slopes of the Himalaya mountains...

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